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The flushes aims to accelerate the process of elimination of biofilms during the so‐called "curative" phase. Once biofilms are eliminated, you will not have to carry out the flush.

The flushes also help evacuate all biofilm particles that detach from the pipes so that they are not ingested by the animals when they drink water. It is important to respect this instruction.

The ideal time to install and put into service your Aqua‐4D® System is, if possible, between production cycles when animals are not present. This allows the system to eliminate a large part of the biofilm before the arrival of the animals.

If the animals are always present (for example with pig, bovine or ovine production) or when it is not scheduled for a long time (for example with a breeder), the Aqua-4D® System can be installed at any time, but it is important to note that this flush procedure must be imperatively respected.

Flushing must begin immediately after the commissioning of the Aqua-4D®, either when animals are not present or during the presence of animals.

If Aqua-4D® is installed when animals are not present, the flushes must start after the cleaning of the drinking water network which will have been realised following the usual procedures of the breeder.

Duration of the purges:

• The duration of the flush must be one minute for every 30 metres (100 feet) of flushed pipe length and at least until the drain water is clear (this can be checked by collecting flushed water in a white bucket)

Frequency of the flushes:

• When the animals are not present: once a day until the arrival of the animals

• When animals are present: at the beginning; once per day. Once the water is clear from the beginning of the flush (except maybe the first few seconds), you can spread the flushes to once every two days, then every three days... and progressively increase the time between the flushes

• The flushes can be definitively stopped when flushed water is clear and the previous flush dates over 15 days

• All parts of piping in which circulate water treated with the Aqua-4D® System should be flushed

• If the distribution of water is with low pressure. If the water system allows it, perform the flushes with the pressure of the network (1.5 – 3.0 Bars / 20 – 40 psi.) for highest efficiency

• Open at the end of the drinking water line the flush valve and collect the water in a bucket. Respect the purging time

Aqua-4D® treatment follow up

How to trace the technical and production results during a trial period in a chicken farm and compare the results with other Aqua-4D® treated and non-treated farms.

• Two identical poultry houses in their dimensions and technical installations

Aqua-4D® System installed on the water inlet of one of the two poultry houses, in accordance to our documentation “Installation standards”. Please check with PHT engineering BEFORE installing

• It is better to have the water supply network of House 1 completely separate from the water supply of House 2 (Aqua-4D® has a small upstream effect so the other house could benefit a little of the water treatment)

• Quantity of birds, sex, breed, flock start and end date, must be the same for both houses

• Another way to run a trial is to also compare the agronomical results of one house on several flocks before and after installation of the Aqua-4D® System. Please not that this kind of trial can leave open questions such as “Has there been an influence from the climate?”, “Was the quality of the chicks the same?”.


Aqua-4D® removes and prevents the deposit of biofilm. Aqua-4D® has not yet shown efficiency in the removal of certain kinds of fungi.


• Biofilm removal with Aqua-4D® takes time. It is not instantaneous! One needs a few months (minimum two flocks in broiler chicken) to several months (swine breeding) to remove existing biofilm

• To have faster results and to guarantee that the biofilm and deposits will be removed, the collaboration of the customer is required; there is a flushing procedure issued by Aqua-4D® Water Solutions that explains what is needed from the customer and how to proceed

• The flushing procedure provided is a general description of how to proceed. Each distributor has to adapt the procedure depending on their local conditions

• Flushing is mandatory during the phase where the biofilm is being removed. Once removed, the flushing is not necessary

• Producers often believe that they did a good job rinsing. Based on our experience this is unfortunately often not the case. It is always good to establish the rinsing process together with the client, especially if they are dissatisfied with the results. When the proper rinsing procedure is adapted and the rinse water colour changes, the client is happy with the results

Aqua-4D® prevents the clogging and the deposits of iron and manganese in water pipes.

Tips and tricks

• The upper limits of iron and manganese concentration beyond which the efficency of Aqua-4D® decreases are not yet known but are a subject of a study with one of our main international distributors

• The efficiency in the prevention of clogging with iron and manganese has been demonstrated time and again in Germany with concentrations of more than 8 mg/l of iron and more than 1 mg/l of manganese

• Deposits of iron and manganese in the water conduits are not biofilm, but can be found mixed with biofilm

• Subject to the quantity of iron and/or manganese deposits, 6 to 18 months are needed to remove the existing ones. The removal process of existing deposits is not well known, but we assume that part of the minerals is dissolved whereas another part is detached as fine particles and is finally removed by the water flow

Aqua-4D® avoids clogging caused by lime and limescale deposits.

Tips and tricks

• The efficiency of Aqua-4D® has been proven up to a hardness of 100°F. The maximum limits of concentration of calcium and magnesium (beyond 100°F) beyond which Aqua-4D® loses its efficiency are not known yet

• Clogging due to scale is eliminated almost practically following an Aqua-4D® installation, but one needs between 6 and 18 months in order to remove the existing deposits

• Cleaned drinking nipples will immediately start to work well. Dripping problems, and therefore wet surfaces, disappear